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                                              of our cultural awareness workshops is to focus on best business practices in dealings with the Muslim and immigrant communities in Northeast Ohio.  This enables an employer to build a pleasant work environment, foster positive work relationships and increase profitability with multi-cultural business partners. Our presentation will provide both executives and employees with a basic cultural understanding of the Arabic and/ or Latin cultures and teach them how to utilize this information to improve customer relations, enhance inter-departmental relations, and effectuate business transactions with members of the international community. The unique interactive nature of our workshops directly engages attendees and helps them immediately embrace new ideas.

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Topics include:

The intention

  • Western business practices vs. Islamic practices

  • Understanding the social and business culture across the Gulf

  • Variances across the multiple "Latin" cultures and countries

  • Challenges faced by Westerners when meeting Arabs in business settings 

  • The importance of body language 

  • Philosophy, values, treatments, and work ethic

  • Islamic banking and finance: Moral beliefs and business practices at work

  • Treatment of women in business practices

  • Spanish Language for Business

  • Accommodations requirements - prayers 5 times a day

  •  Hospitality = Profits

  • Situational approach best practices

  • Arabic Language for Business

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